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Heavenly Turquoise Beads

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Description: Natural Turquoise Round Beads 8 mm size. Can be used for Reiki or crystal healing.

Benefits: Turquoise is one of the most highly prized minerals in the world. Supposed to be a stone of communication, protection, making one more eloquent, loving, creative and honest.  Also considered a stone of friendship.

Maintenance Guide: Natural beads can easily be scratched or damaged. Beads can dissolve in acids hence harsh household chemical cleaners should be avoided.To clean simply use tap water with mild and wipe using a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse well to remove soapy residue. As a precaution always remove any jewelry or gemstones before exercising, cleaning or engaging in harsh physical activities such as sports.  Kindly place them inside a jewelry box or pouch when not used.


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